Thinking of Home

Spruce Tree House, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. January 2017

I am reading House of Rain by Craig Childs. It is non-fiction, about the Anasazi and Craig’s travels to their ruins in the four corners area of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona. I am enjoying it, even though it has me a little homesick thinking of SW Colorado and areas I have been and those I can go check out. Thinking of friends too!





Finally…on our way!

Here we are, at Houston Hobby, waiting for our flight to San Jose, Costa Rica in an hour. I kept promises to my brother and sister to contact them before leaving.

I am nervous. All the rushing to complete last minute tasks is over, whether they got done or not. Now it is time to just relax and flow.

It works.

Our day was a mix of rushing and waiting.

We left Austin this morning after a final visit with our friend, Ruby, who is 104 and in hospice. She was glad to see us and sad to see us go, knowing it was likely our last visit.

I expect Costa Rica to be our shakedown country to find out what works and what doesn’t, and more importantly, to discover what we never considered.

Time to get on the plane!