Converting Money In My Head

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First let me say, I am good at math. I’ve always liked math in all ways (ok, I never did Calculus but I liked the math I had). But money conversions and strong vs weak monetary systems seems to stifle me.

For example with Costa Rican Colones, I sometimes get confused: am I doubling or halving and moving the decimal point? One US dollar is a little over 500 colones so if you double the charge and move your decimal point you get a rough conversion. So if the bathroom charge is 150 colones, it is about 30 cents US money (150*2/10). I got the hang of it pretty well by the time we left.

Panama is great because it uses US money except they sometimes give you a one dollar coin called a Bolivar. I don’t get why they do one sometimes. The other day, my change was $4 and they gave me 3 one dollar bills and one Bolivar. Go figure! I think she had the bills so I don’t get it.

And you would think that the left over Costa Rican colones could be used in Panama. I only have about 7000 colones (7000*2/10=$14) but I guess I will have to go to a bank to get it converted. People act like I am giving them Monopoly money when I try to use it. LOL

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