Cotacachi is another town just a short bus ride from Ibarra. It has about 10,000 people living there and is known for its leatherwork and being an expat community.

We enjoyed the laid back pace of the town during our brief time there. We took a taxi to nearby Cuicocha Lake which is a crater lake and has an island in the middle. We took the boat ride for a nominal fee and enjoyed the scenery even though we could not understand the guide in his rapid Spanish and noise of the boat engine.

We walked around the town a bit as well. The leather work is beautiful and very cheap, too bad we didn’t need anything and didn’t have space to get that type of gifts. Everything from belts, change purses, handbags, jackets, shoes, boots, portfolios, and suitcases. We were shown a beautiful, light weight, rolling suitcase for the incredible price of $100!

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