Handicapped Parking In Costa Rica?

Handicap parking space with removable barrier.

Most of the handicapped parking spaces that I have seen in Costa Rica have a removable barrier in front of them. I don’t understand the rationale for this. In one place there was a security person and he would move it if someone drove up and qualified to use it. But other places I haven’t seen anyone around to provide that service so I’m not sure what a person does…

2 thoughts on “Handicapped Parking In Costa Rica?”

  1. Re your comment about handicapped parking…have you seen special hang tags or license plates to designate handicapped drivers?
    Marsha Surad

    1. Neither Dan nor I remember seeing/not seeing placards or handicapped plates although I think I remember that the one time the person pulled into the space after the guard removed the barrier that there was something that identified the car as being used by/for a handicapped person. I tried to do a quick search on the general topic but didn’t find an answer to your question or mine.

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