This picture doesn’t really give you an idea of how steep the streets are in Manizales. Think STEEP for several blocks in a row!

Manizales is a town of about 400,000-500,000 people nestled in the Andes. It has many streets which could rival San Francisco for their long steep inclines. I am not particularly comfortable with them but drivers don’t seem fazed, even though most vehicles are standard transmissions.

Walking uphill is a challenge but we just rest a lot. Downhill makes me nervous since I must be careful not to slip and fall.

There are a couple of cable cars that have been in use for many years now.

Lots of traffic but it seems to move along well. We were in a cab at what I would expect to be rush hour and we kept moving at a slow but steady pace across town.

And like many other cities in Colombia, beautiful holiday lights!

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