No Eggs By The Dozen In Costa Rica

I don’t know about other Latin American countries but I can tell you that you don’t USUALLY buy eggs by the dozen in Costa Rica. You buy them by 10 or 15 or 30. Or sometimes by weight. We’ve seen them by the dozen once!

Growing up in the United States, I never thought about it. Always by the dozen, sometimes you could find 6 and sometimes 18 or 24. Not sure what else is sold differently yet except of course they are metric so they sell produce by the kilogram. That means when you go to the farmers’ market to buy fruits and veggies, they are priced by the KG and at least the one we went to didn’t let you buy anything but by that unit so when I had picked some tomatoes and they didn’t add up to a KG, they added some more to the bag. (Maybe the math is too complicated??)

My friend Dell Manners had sent me an email with a number of maps in it. One of the most interesting one to me is how many countries are NOT on the metric system:

Map on non-metric countries

What’s keeping us from making the change????????

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