One of the Joys of Retirement…Unplanned Days

One nice thing about retirement is to wake up and not really know what the day brings. Last Sunday was one of those days. Other than going to the meeting (service) with the Quakers we had no plans.

During the meeting, which is primarily meditation, we learned that there was a pot luck lunch and then a Quaker business meeting after the lunch. We stayed for both and met new folks.

The 2 hour business meeting was very interesting. The primary topic was planned improvements to the school. The school is for Kindergarten-12th grade and limited to about 120 students total. One building needs remodeling or replacement, more technology is needed, etc. It was great to see this core group of about 8-12 hash out basics and have the stated desire to make sure that the changes had minimal impact on the environment, recycled as much as possible, etc. My hat is off to the recording secretary who did a phenomenal job of pulling the thoughts together.

After the meeting, Dan and I met with the co-head of the school (Rick) and discussed ways that the existing building could be modified rather than raised. Rick will discuss the suggestions with the architect.

After that we started to walk to the Monteverde Reserve which is uphill a couple of kilometers. We ended up taking a side road to see a gallery, talking with the artist for a while and then walking a bit further to the view we have here.

View towards San Luis
Stumbled upon Jaguar Studio with a variety of paintings and prints…modern art and realistic.
Lindie along the side of the road looking at a group of guans, large black birds in the turkey family
View towards San Luis
Pasture land along our walk

None of this was planned but we got over 13,000 steps in and spent a wonderful, diverse day!

Pasteur with cows along the walk

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