Panama City

Dan and Lindie in front of the Panama City sign.

We apologize for not posting for over a month. Between leaving Boquete, no internet on the sailboat, being exhausted, computer issues, poor internet, and procrastinating, we have be neglectful. I like posting thoughts and things we have done/seen and it ways heavily on me when I have lots of posts I want to do but don’t for whatever reason.

After a very relaxing, enjoyable stay for several months in Boquete we had to move on, if for no other reason than our apartment was rented. We had been there about 3 1/2 months and made a number of really good friends, mostly expats, so it was hard to leave.

Bus from Boquete to David had curtains with valances…pretty fancy even for a nice bus.

We caught the bus to David (remember? accent on the second syllable). It was a modern bus but for some reason had valances on the windows.

From David to Panama City was a long ride, finally arriving at our hotel after about 9 or 10 hours.

The bus was a modern bus like you would see in the USA. There was someone akin to a train conductor on the bus who took our tickets and made a number of announcements, all in Spanish…very fast Spanish so I didn’t catch most of it. There was one stop which was great because even though the bus had a restroom we were told by that conductor type person to only urinate in it. Don’t know what happened if you really needed to take a poop; I had heard that the restroom wasn’t something I would want to use anyway so fortunately we didn’t need to.

Aerial view of Biomuseo, image from

The next morning, we went on our own to the Bio Museum which was extremely well done. Each person receives a playback machine to listen to descriptions of displays in your language of choice as you go though the exhibits. As you would expect, the emphasis was on the environment and changes to it over the eons. In one exhibit, they had pictures of a number of people…doesn’t this person look like Dan? It isn’t but he is similar looking!



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  1. Glad to see you all back on line. You have been missed! You kind of glossed right over your boat trip. Tell us more about it, please.
    Marsha and Cowboy

    1. Glad you missed me. Haven’t gotten to the boat trip yet. I just published Panama City. Will get to the boat trip next. Internet is very bad here so it is slow to do anything.

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