Raquel’s Ark and Cat House

Raquel has a wicked sense of humor. The cats include a jaguar and house cats. She used to have a margay but it died.

This is a small rescue center in Vulcan, Panama. The animals currently include chickens (Raquel is vegetarian), a jaguar, an owl, two-toed sloths, baby howler monkeys, a tayra (member of the weasel family), raccoons, white-nosed coati, a weasel and some house cats.

The current census is only animals that will not be released into the wild, either because of injuries, because someone took them as babies, or because they are too acclimated to people. Raquel has been able to release some animals into the wild in the past. None of the animals she has exhibit distress behaviors like pacing.

Our friend, Jim, loves animals and they love climbing on him!
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It was a real treat to handle some of the animals. Only the sloth was put into my arms and it reached out to me to hold it. The howler monkey baby and the white-nosed coati each came to me. We were inside some of the cages with the animals and could have gone in all but the jaguar’s!



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