Rio Celeste

Rio Celeste
Not Photoshopped! Aluminosilicates enter the river from one stream, increased acidity (pH) from the other stream causes the aluminosilicates to aggregate and reflect light differently. Scientific term is Mie scattering.

Our Airbnb hosts in Tronadora, Costa Rica, Claudia and Eriberto, offered to take us with them on a day trip to Rio Celeste in Tenorio Volcano National Park.

The drive was about an hour and we walked to the end of the trail, where the photo above was taken. That was about 1 1/2 hours. A little rough in spots but not bad. Since it is in a rain forest we did have light rain and mist. All the bridges we crossed have warning signs for only one person at a time! Probably more to keep too many from getting on at once.

On the way back to Tronadora Eriberto took us a different way so that we could get good views of Lake Aranal. We even saw Aranal volcano in the distance, which was a surprise with the clouds and haze.

Great day trip and we enjoyed being with our hosts.

Definitely worth seeing.

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