Ruby Turner Billings 1912-2017

Ruby at Age 99

Many of you have heard us talk about our elderly friend, Ruby Billings who had lost most of her hearing to a virus many years ago and also lost most of her vision to macular degeneration in recent years. We found out this week that she had passed away on 3/20.

We were able to see her a couple of times while we were in Austin. By then she was in hospice, but once again defying the odds given her in December that she would only live a few more days. When we saw her the morning we  were leaving the USA (March 1) (weak but aware) all 3 of us knew that we would never meet again.

While it is sad to see her go, she has had a good life, all in all. She worked for the state of Texas and married Clayton Billings when she was in her 70’s! That was her only marriage. He passed away in the 1990’s but they were married 10 years or so.

Living to almost 105. We will miss her. Rest in peace, Ruby.

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