Slow Traveling

Volcan Baru looking from Isla de Muertos (Island of the Dead) in Bahia de los Muertos (Bay of the Dead) on the Pacific Coast, looking up to 11,398′. Boquete is east and down the slope to the right of the peak just a couple or three miles.

Slow traveling is actually a term people use when they move from place to place without any hurry.

Originally the reason for slow traveling was a way to live frugally for a couple of years. Later it was an idea with motion, gaining momentum, with nothing strong enough to slow or stop it. I remember waiting at the airport in Houston for our flight out of the country, physically tired, mentally sapped, and whether all preparations were complete or not, we were about to fly to Costa Rica.

I thought “What are we doing? What are we getting ourselves into?” Momentum won as we took the flight.

Or maybe it wasn’t momentum, perhaps my cousin, Ginger, said it more accurately “You are wanderers.”

The fears and doubts were just that. The learning curve has been pretty gentle. My Spanish is improving, a few more words here and there.

Now in our third country, I know that there are so many nice people from all over. Sure, there are the few to watch out for and places to avoid. That has been easy, as we meet other travelers who have been places we are heading toward.

The world is beautiful and I am glad we are on this journey.

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  1. I have seen a bumper sticker for RVs that says, “All who wander are not lost”. I think that describes Dan and myself well.

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