Street Drainage and Sidewalks in San Jose and Other Parts Of Costa Rica

While there is some regular under ground drainage in San Jose, many of the street have a dropoff (lower area) on each side of the street, presumably for drainage purposes. This makes the roads narrower and I am sure that they sometimes are a hazard for the vehicles…not to mention the pedestrians. On one of the buses from San Jose to Santa Elena one day we were met by another full sized bus going the opposite direction. The road was so narrow that one bus stopped while the other one very slowly inched (and I mean inched) along until it was sure it could pass the other bus.

Last night while we were walking with friends to go to dinner (the weather was perfect!) Dan started to fall because he didn’t realize that the drainage was there as he stepped off the sidewalk. Fortunately we were holding hands and I was able to counterbalance him enough that he didn’t actually fall. Cheap drainage but not so safe.

There are lots of obstacles as you walk around as well. Sidewalks are in varying states of repair or should I say disrepair. Sometimes something sticking out of the sidewalk or lots of holes. This must not be the litigious society that the United States is or they wouldn’t remain.

Sidewalks are busy with people, vendors, shops and windows to look into so between all of that and the hazards, you really have to pay attention when you walk.

Weather has been cooler in San Jose than I anticipated which is nice. Must be in the 70’s and the humidity isn’t bad. Not a fan of big cities but I am getting more comfortable with San Jose now.

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  1. You would be surprised at the state of the sidewalks in the Colonies North area. I use my electric wheelchair to go to the Walgreen’s at the corner of Vance Jackson and Wurzbach, and to go to the HEB down at I10 and Wurzbach.(You would be amazed how much groceries I can bring home, hanging them on the back of the chair.) But I can’t do kitty litter. No place to put it. Instead, my friend, Guy, the taxi cab driver from England, will pick it up about once a month for me, and deliver it to the house when we are going somewhere. I pay him what it cost him and a little service fee. Works for me. But back to the sidewalks. People are NOT made to trim their bushes so that you don’t get hit with them going down the sidewalk. The walks are uneven, cracked, and split. And the worst part is on the way to and from Walgreen’s. They put a new bridge over the gully there that used to overflow onto Vance Jackson. BUT, they put a manhole and its cover in the middle of the bridge. In the middle of the bridge!!! And it does not sit flat with the concrete. And the sidewalk is not wide enough to avoid the manhole. So, I try to hold on to the railing as I go, holding my breath. I don’t want to end up in the street! Those chairs weigh about 450 pounds, so I cannot move it by myself if something happens. But I must say that the people in this area have been looking out for me. If I am having small problems, they stop and want to help. It is such a nice feeling to know that I have so many angels looking after me.

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