Dental Work in Colombia

Braces on students

Dental work in Colombia is very cheap. It is hard to get actual prices and even those could vary based on individual needs. Implants and braces are commonly advertised in the larger cities.

Even though labor is cheap here, I have seen many, many people with lower paying jobs like restaurant wait staff and store clerks with braces on so the braces must be extremely cheap. We spoke to two students when we were on the cable car who both had braces. They said that they cost 150000 Colombian pesos or about $500 for their work and that it must be paid in full up front. That is a lot of money for many people in this country so I am a bit surprised that it costs that much but it is in keeping with the odd price I have seen posted.

Looking on the internet I see mixed reviews of the dental work. Many people rave about the work while others report poor quality. I do know that the parents of the owner of my former workplace go to Guatemala to get their dental work done. They are happy with the results and spend less, including travel expenses, than they would in the US.

I tend to gravitate towards the higher end dentists because of bite issues. So while I had an excellent cleaning for $50 in Panama, I hope to not need any major work while we are traveling. I prefer to stick with my more expensive dentist who I can see whenever I am back in Durango rather than someone I only see while passing through a country.