Travel Thoughts

I knew traveling would have challenges as well as pleasures. I’m not sure exactly what my expectations were. I now know that

  • I don’t like doing more than one thing most days; 2 things if they are both short.
  • Using a guide is well worth the extra expense. When we have gone on hikes by ourselves (except when we could overhear other guides) we seldom see much since so many animals are well hidden by their camouflage or location.
  • Getting out of bed early is tough but it is the best time to see the most interesting animals.
  • I’m not an adrenaline junky. Someone explained to me that the people that like the zip lines, bungee cords, etc. like the feel of adrenaline in their systems. I don’t like that feeling so I am not tempted (not very tempted) to do those types of activities. Plus, while they are usually done safely, I don’t feel like any risk of injury is worth it to me…I have too many places to go, things to see, people to meet.
  • It’s really nice to have the luxury to spread activities out over a number of weeks. I know that isn’t usually the case but since we do have that option it allows us to take it in more, spend time recovering, and schedule the expenses over time.


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  1. Lindie, re your comments about meditation… don’t you remember that when we all took those classes in Austin with that group you and Dan were members of, the group that sounded like a cult but wasn’t, there was meditation involved in their process. True, it was more of a guided meditation, but meditation nevertheless. Remember, I came up for the weekend and stayed with youall, and took the course? And during the guided meditation, I kept “seeing” this neon sign flashing at me that said “Call Hawaii”, “Call Hawaii”. I remember bargaining with it in my head to go away, that I would Call Hawaii when the class was over. Ben was in Hawaii at that very time. I remember that you and Dan had to work at the conference, so we could not leave when the sesson was over. I went and found a pay phone (this was before cell phones) and called Hawaii. I remember that instead of asking me What City Please, as they used to do when you called the long distance operator, they asked me which island. I didn’t have a clue. I did know what hotel, and finally connected with Ben. He asked me if I had gotten his message, and I told him, Yes, I had gotten it. I figured out that at roughly the time that I was doing the guided meditation, he had called your home phone and left me a message. I was so tripped out by this event!!! But my point was, you had done some meditation before.

    Must say, I have really enjoyed your blog so far. Loved the pictures and the connections you have made. You write with a wonderful flair. Think about keeping notes towards turning this into a book.

    Marsha and Cowboy

    1. Yes, I have done meditation before and that must have been an Insight meeting you referred to. I don’t credit a lot of what I do as meditation and since I posted that, I haven’t done as much. Don’t remember the story about Ben but that is a really good story. Thanks for sharing it.

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