Weather Shift

The trade winds off the Caribbean are pushing these clouds over the continental divide toward me. They are usually moving pretty fast and disappear quickly as the humid air is absorbed by the dry Pacific air. The rain we get is mostly mist and when we are close to the divide, we can see the rain moving over us, putting us into a rain shadow. This rain is what makes the rain forest here special.

On Sunday I noticed that clouds were moving in the opposite direction, off the Pacific.

In the picture above, you can see the Pacific Ocean in the distance.

Now with the wind shift, the sun is out more and temperatures have risen.

We were spoiled with the cooler days, although most of the days are still very nice.

One thought on “Weather Shift”

  1. Hmmm, didn’t find any pictures to go with the shift in direction of the winds. Living in the middle of Texas we never worry about the weather on the Pacific or the Atlantic coasts. It takes days for that weather to reach us. Only something in the Gulf of Mexico seems to arrive more quickly.

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