What Path Are We On?

Stick with me on this one because it is a bit convoluted…

Lately I’ve been really drawn to meditation. Let me say that in the past I haven’t liked it because my mind doesn’t slow down and I get bored or think I am not doing it right. The universe is pulling me towards it, even if I am going kicking and screaming.

  • A couple of months ago I reserved the eBook “Eat Love Pray” not really knowing much about the book except it was supposed to be good and they made a movie based on it so I thought, why not read it. A week or so ago it became available for me to read.
  • On April 1 Dan and I were eating at our favorite place in Santa Elena, a hole in the wall called Taco Taco.  Several people walked by as they passed it (when you get off the bus from San Jose and walk up the hill to town you pass it) but it looks a bit shabby so it is hard to know if it is good or not. (I only tried it because Rigo had a Taco Taco t-shirt so I thought it meant he liked it.) We usually tell folks to try the food because we do find it to be great. This couple was passing by and we waved them in; they went on and then came back. They ended up eating with us. Theresa is from Australia and Greg is from California. They are trainers in meditation, mindfullness, and other good stuff. We went to there talk the next day at the Friends School (Quakers).
  • There is a Friday mediation in Santa Elena run by one of the Friends. On Good Friday it was done at the home of a member and run by someone who spent 3 hours guiding us through a variety of meditation activities and made it clear that everyone’s mind is busy when they meditate, the trick is to keep refocusing.
  • I met Mary Newswanger at the talk that Greg and Theresa gave and she gave me a ride to the above meditation as well as several other activities.
  • Mary grew up with Lynn Sanders who was the attorney in Austin who did Mitchell’s adoption and we have known him for over 30 years (unfortunately he died about a year or so ago).
  • Mary gave me a pamphlet to read about the Peace Pilgrim. I have taken to reading this when I have free time or during meditation times at the Friends’ meetings.
  • Theresa gave me a link to some meditation. Still working on getting that to play like it should.
  • Theresa had told us about the Costa Rica Sustainability project which we have wanted to go to. That is not going to work out but the odd thing about this is that Mary is friends with the owners and one of the owners is Rigo’s (homestay father) nephew.
  • Mary came over and asked me to take a handful of the pamphlets to the sustainability project and Rigo was going the next day anyway (it is an hour away). (Too bad we couldn’t do a tour that day when he went.) Not 10 minutes after Mary left our homestay house, Rigo arrived with one of his sisters…she is the mother of the nephew at the sustainability project!

Lots of information coming at us and too many “coincidences” to not pay attention to it. Still not really happy meditating but giving it more attention to see if that will change. And going to watch for more “coincidences” in our lives.

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